Visit here often to see pictures, articles, videos about what Sky Knights members are doing.

Watch Darren Wagner’s exciting landing on the maiden flight of his Mini Guinea, a foamboard plane from Flite Test plans. Video by Jon Earley.

Check out Dave Wurzbach’s beautiful new Cub.

John Clauson built his mini-quad with international collaboration.

Jon Earley builds a new tricopter from parts of several kits.

Check out the scale L-39 Albatros that Lou Droppa brought to the July meeting.

See pictures and video of Jon Earley doing the maiden flight of his P-82, a twin fuselage Mustang derivative.

Meet our newest member Darren Wagner.

Douglas Gault gets some beautiful shots of the field and surrounding area while soaring.

Dave Cameron displays some of his incredible FPV Multirotor skills in this collection:

Peter Spero has been putting together an aerial video and photography company called Team Blackhawk FPV, LLC.

Joe Pine does some very adventurous flying on only his fifth FPV flight.

Dave Cameron does some 3D at the field in 2011.