About Us


The Sky Knights Aeromodeling Team (SKAT) has long been an integral part of Lake County, Illinois model aircraft history. It grew out of the Lake County Hellcats during the 1950s. Back then model airplane flying consisted of free flight and control line modes. Today the Sky Knights operate Lake County’s sole electric-only RC flying field located immediately north of the forest preserve between Mundelein and Wauconda. This gorgeous site with fabric runway is not only scenic but provides a huge flight area naturally protected from urban sprawl.

Our members are involved in many aspects of the hobby, including designing, building, flying and repairing literally all types of electric aircraft. Several members are expert FPV (First Person View) pilots, and craft commonly flown at the field include trainers, electric jets, scale, powered and unpowered gliders, helicopters, multiple rotor craft, and a few “franken-planes” that defy categorizing. You’ll find a delightful mix of balsa and foamie technologies.

Sky Knights holds Academy of Model Aeronautics charter #271. Flying at our field requires individual AMA membership in addition to club membership. Family memberships are available.

Visitors are welcome at meetings and the field. Guests are required to be in the company of a member at the field. Guest flying is subject to AMA rules. The field is private property so please do not enter the field area without invitation and in company of a club member. Come fly with us!

The field


Video of the flying field. President Jon Earley being followed by Dave Cameron, both flying FPV

The view shown above looks to the south east, overlooking a small farm field and behind that the 3000 acre Lakewood Forest Preserve. Almost immune from development, the flight area is perfect for powered and soaring operations as well as for terrific FPV exploration. The 125′ runway lies east-west so you’re never looking into the sunrise or sunset. This beautiful and peaceful setting is great for club outings (see the Home page) and just plain hanging out with good friends.

Our electric-only field is located in central Lake County, IL at Gilmer and West Hafer* Roads (south east of the Fairfield Road overpass).[*Hafer is shown as Erhart Road on many maps, including Google Maps.]