2015 New Year’s Day

The Annual New Years Day Fly-in

Be sure to watch Joe Pine’s video of the event. The story below is by club secretary Rich Granitz, and the pictures are from Rich and Dave Wurzbach.

Nine regular Sky Knights members started the year off appropriately with our annual New Year’s Day Fun Fly. The day started clear and sunny with a progression to clouds and gusty winds. Despite the cold and wind, many pilots were able to get in some stick time. Jon Earley piloted the maiden flight of his (continued below the slideshow)

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newly resurrected Quarter Scale Aeronca that was not to be missed. Two visitors stopped by the field to see what all the excitement was about on that cold day. Despite the increasing weather and challenging flying, Dave Wurzback’s Chili, Jon’s Special Hot Chocolate, Magic Dave’s Shrimp Plate and Rich Granitz’s homemade donuts kept the crowd warm and satisfied. With this kind of start, 2015 should result in some fantastic flying. Bring on Spring!

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